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Injuries are a part and parcel of one’s life. While some can be accidental or result of your own mistakes, others can be a product of someone else’s negligence. Further, after getting affected due to an injury, a few important questions may arise, such as how long could you be on a leave, who will foot the bills of your medical expenses, or how tacitly can an insurance company handle your case. For such issues, you should approach a personal injury lawyer.

A personal injury lawyer, working in the jurisdiction of tort, provides legal services to people affected by injury, be it psychological or physical. The said injury may be caused due to the carelessness of a person, company, government body or another body. These lawyers aid the injured person or party to get proper compensation for their injury.

As per the law, the person found guilty of causing hurt to another is obliged to settle the victim’s medical expenses and in some case offer more compensation. However, the accused party may refuse to offer compensation. Moreover, insurance companies too try to wiggle their way out of paying for the victim. In such cases, it is the duty of a personal lawyer to help the victim get his due compensation.

Do I need a personal injury lawyer?

This depends on the magnitude of an injury. Usually, for minor injuries where a meagre amount of compensation is concerned, it is advisable to settle the case outside the court. Doing so avoids the hassle of courts and giving away a portion of your earning to the lawyer.

However, when the injury is grievous, hiring a lawyer is the best recourse. If the accused party is a market giant or an insurance company, they can take you for a ride in the absence of your personal lawyer. Following are the elementary incidents when you can seek the aid of a personal injury lawyer:

When multiple parties are concerned

When an injury is caused due to multiple sources, such as multiple vehicles, you should hire a personal injury attorney. Things become complex when more than one party is involved, and hence you would need a lawyer to help you understand the case and identify the parties concerned.

When insurance company denies responsibility

Normally, insurance companies shake off all responsibilities to provide a completion. If you find yourself in such a situation, you should find a lawyer to deal with the company.

Long-term injury

When and if you have sustained injuries that may take either a long time to heal or if the injury is permanent, you should look for a lawyer so that you can get the maximum compensation.

When insurance company offers settlement

Many-a-times insurance companies try to settle the matter by offering a paltry sum as compensation, thinking that the client would settle the case. If you think the sum is not right or are unsure, you should seek out a lawyer for his help.

A personal lawyer’s duties

In a case of injury, a personal injury attorney performs the following duties:

Foremost, the lawyer will conduct an interview of his client to understand all the details in regard to the accident, followed by explaining the nuances of the case and the law to make his client understand the lay of the judicial process.

The lawyer will then collect evidence, talk to witnesses, and take photographs of the  accident spot and the vehicle involved, if any.

Further, he will see if the client’s policy covers the nature of the accident.

If it does, then he’ll make it a priority that the insurance company concerned foots the medical bill.

Next, the lawyer will start a negotiation to settle the claim.

Personal injury lawyer salary

On an average, a personal injury attorney from Knoxville makes about $74,000; they are one of the highest paid lawyers. In fact, lawyers in Knoxville do not charge on per-hour-basis like other lawyers do. They demand a part of the compensation the client would receive. Furthermore, if they fail to get their client any compensation, they would not demand a payment. The share of compensation as asked by these lawyers vary, but it can go as high as 40% in high-profile cases.

A personal injury lawyer’s skills and qualities

Skills such as mastery over communication, development of clients, and negotiations are what makes a good personal injury lawyer. He should be able to work under lot of pressure and stress as demanded by the job since a Knoxville personal injury lawyer works on a contingency basis. That is, he would get paid only if he wins the case, and many cases tend to get lengthy, and thus payment would in-turn take a longer duration. Due to this, he needs to juggle between cases in order to make a living, and hence understand how to manage time properly. The aforesaid skills are necessary for personal injury lawyers to gain prominence in this particular profession.

How to hire a personal injury attorney

Hiring a personal lawyer is not a cake walk. Below mentioned are a few things that would help you in hiring the lawyer.

There are various types of accidents, and all of them come with separate personal injury lawyers. If you have sustained injuries during or due to your work, you should contact the lawyer who has experience in such matters. Similarly, other lawyers have experience in other kinds of cases such as car accidents or slip-and-fall accidents.

Also, it is important to get a review of your lawyer. If you wish to do so, you can always use the internet. For instance, search for ‘personal injury lawyers in portland’ or ‘personal lawyers near me’ to get the results. From there, you can scroll through the reviews to better understand which lawyer to choose. You can also search with your city name, like Knoxville personal injury lawyer.

Comfort and communication also matter. You should see how he communicates with you as communication is a necessary skill in this particular area. Although he may not be able to deliver daily reports, but he should keep you updated with the developments. Also, make sure you are comfortable in dealing with the lawyer.

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