Everything you need to know about a career as a lawyer

Everything you need to know about a lawyer
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A lawyer who is also known with different terms like an advocate, attorney, solicitor, counselor or barrister is the person who has been granted the license by the state to get engaged in law practice and to advise the clients on all the legal matters.

On behalf of a client, the lawyer can act both as an advocate as well as the advisor. All the lawyers need to have specialization in any of the one law aspects including family law, product liability, elder law or criminal justice.

The lawyers also have the right to advise the companies with respect to some contracts validation or some merger or maybe some other corporate related aspects. Majority of the time of lawyers is spent in the courtrooms and offices unlike the other careers related to criminal justice.

An able and efficient lawyer must have the great skills of public speaking and must possess strong critical thinking skills as well along with the sharp research abilities.

Different categories of the lawyers

There are different types of lawyers available according to the law area selected by them as the legal field is very complex and wide. For every category of legal problem, you will find an attorney specialized. Let’s look at the different categories of lawyers below:

  • Bankruptcy lawyer

A bankruptcy barrister is consulted when there are some financial difficulties and some bankruptcy proceedings are going on. In this case, the lawyer can advise the person for bankruptcy based eligibility and what is the best way to tackle out the situation.

  • Personal injury lawyer

If some accident has occurred and the victim needs the compensation then a personal injury lawyer has to be consulted.

  • Estate planning lawyer

In the case of wills, trusts, and properties etc, an estate planning lawyer has to be met. These lawyers can help in drawing up a will to pass the assets or to set up the best will for taking care of the children’s financial based needs.

  • Intellectual property lawyer

All the issues related to intellectual property are handled by the IP lawyers. The issues can be related to trademarks, industrial designs, patents, trade secrets, and copyrights etc.

  • Employment lawyer

In case a person is having some issue with his employer or if the company is facing a problem with the employee then employment lawyer is the best person to handle things. These lawyers can advise about all the legal issues.

  • Corporate lawyer

For the owners of any corporation firms, the corporate lawyer has to be consulted for any advices and legal matters.

  • Criminal lawyer

If in case you are charged with any crime, then the matter is handled by the criminal lawyer. All issues related to arrest, bail and pleas etc are handled by them.

Some more types of lawyers include:

  • Immigration lawyer
  • Tax lawyer
  • Medical malpractice lawyer
  • Family lawyer
  • Civil litigation lawyer
  • Contract lawyer
  • Workers compensation lawyer
  • A social security disability lawyer
  • General practice lawyer

How much does a lawyer earn?

If we are discussing the career in law, it must be a question in your mind that how much do lawyers make. Well, according to the latest stats the average salary of a lawyer is $118.160 annually. This salary can go up to $208,000 for the best-paid lawyers and can come down to around $56,910 for the lowest paid lawyers.

The median wages for the lawyers who work in best and high-class industries are as follows:

Federal government $139,460
Legal services 118,660
Local government excluding hospitals and education 91,950
State government excluding hospitals and education 88,020


List of highest paid lawyers

Here is the name of some of the highest paid lawyers of the world who are famous for winning lots of cases and are brilliant in their fields. Have a look at the names below:

  • Albert Satinoz
  • Benjamin Civiletti
  • Wichai Thongtang
  • John Branca
  • Thomas Mesereau
  • Vernon Jordan
  • Jose Baez
  • Harish Salve
  • Vikki Zeigler
  • Stacey Gardner

All these lawyers are famous for their acts and are known names everywhere.

Various careers in law

If you want to be in the law field, then here is the list of various careers in law. Have a look at them below:

  • Solicitor

Solicitor is the confidential advisor who directly contacts with the clients and provides legal assistance to them. Once qualified for this, you can start your own private practice wherever you want.

  • Barrister

To become a barrister, you need to have dedication, passion and hard working attitude. Barrister has the role of representing the clients in courts.

  • Barristers’ clerk

All the business activities going on in chamber of barristers are handled by their practice assistants known as barristers’ clerks.

  • Chartered legal executive

Under this, you will be a qualified lawyer with your own client files. Your work here is directly charged to the client.

  • Paralegal

You can also involve in providing legal services to clients but you will not be qualified as the solicitor or barrister etc. The paralegal also works for the solicitors.

Other important careers in law include:

  • Tax advisor
  • Legal secretary
  • Licensed conveyance
  • Trademark attorney
  • Patent lawyer
  • Company secretary
  • Usher
  • Judge
  • Immigration assistant
  • Coroner
  • Mediation specialist

Becoming a lawyer

After reading so much, the major question that comes to our mind is how to become a lawyer. The answer is very simple, you just need to complete studies step by step as mentioned below:

  1. Complete your bachelor’s degree
  2. For getting admission in law school, pass the law school admission test
  3. Identify the law schools and fill the application
  4. For practicing law, earn a Juris doctor degree
  5. Pass the bar exam

You won’t believe how many lawyers are in the US currently; the count is 1.34 million lawyers. Looking at these stats it is very clear that career as a lawyer can be really bright and successful especially the Marijuana lawyer. If interested, you can start the studies now in this prospect.

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