Ways to detect the presence of Marijuana in the bloodstream

Ways to detect the presence of Marijuana
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Marijuana is now used in many countries for curing different respiratory, digestive disorders and other health issues in the body. This plant is used for many medical purposes. It mainly contains tetrahydrocannabinol and many other cannabinoids. It can be taken in different ways such as vaporizing, smoking or by adding it to food.

Further, we will discuss the different ways by which you can test the presence of marijuana in the body.

Effects of Marijuana on your systemEffects of Marijuana on your system

The major ingredient in marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol which can easily mix in the bloodstream. When you smoke marijuana, it gets mixed in the blood within 30 minutes. On the other hand, if one ingests marijuana, it takes longer time than smoking to get mixed in the blood.

How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your System

Various studies are done all around the globe. The studies show that marijuana can affect the memory and learning and the effects remain for 24 hours.

THC breaks down into metabolites quickly in the body. These metabolites store in the body and get removed by the way of urine and feces.

Can a drug test show better results?

Blood tests do not show the exact amount of marijuana in the body. It is because marijuana remains in the bloodstream for a short period of time. Saliva tests and blood tests can only indicate the intoxication in the person.

Urine tests are also conducted which indicate the amount of marijuana and not intoxication and impairment. But, urine tests are normally preferred to see the use of drugs.

Various kinds of tests for testing marijuana drug in the body

  • Urine test

We discussed above that urine tests is commonly used ways to detect the marijuana presence in the body. It will actually show how long does marijuana stay in your blood. With the help of urine tests, one can know the amount of 9-carboxy-THC in the blood. Urine tests are better than other methods to see the presence of the drug in the bloodstream.

  • Blood tests

Blood tests are not as effective as urine tests for the detection of marijuana in the body. It can work only when the test is done within some time of smoking or ingestion of marijuana. The effects of blood tests will be seen until the THC remains in the bloodstream. Apart from that, blood tests also do not detect 9-carboxy-THC. They can be used to check the amount of marijuana in the person while he is driving.

  • Saliva tests

Saliva tests are not that effective but can be used to check the amount of marijuana in the body. Like blood tests, these tests do not check the metabolites in the body after consuming marijuana.

  • Hair drug test

The 4th way to check the metabolites in the bloodstream is the hair drug test. In this test, the hair is collected and sent to the labs to see 9-carboxy-THC element.

You can use the drug test Walmart kit for checking the presence of marijuana in the body at your homes. in case you recently took Marijuana and have to urgently go for some meeting or interview then you can do this test at your home and get to know how much Marijuana has affected your system. Hair drug and urine tests are the most effective methods to know how long does THC stay in your system.

Various effects of marijuana on the human body

  • Circulatory system

Marijuana can affect the heart severely. It can also increase the heart beats terribly within a few minutes. This effect can remain in the body for about 3-4 hours. The patients with high BP should not take marijuana as it may cause cardiac arrest.

Additionally, marijuana also reduces the pressure in the eyes and can cure glaucoma. As per some studies, it is also found out that marijuana can decrease the risk of cancer in the body. It may cease the blood vessels to grow which can lead to cancer in the body.

  • Respiratory system

Smoking or ingestion of marijuana can also affect the respiratory system. As marijuana contains chemicals such as hydrogen cyanide and ammonia, it can cause various respiratory disorders such as bronchitis, cough and lung infections. It can also cause asthma and other respiratory illnesses. The people who smoke marijuana regularly are at high risk of getting cystic fibrosis. It also increases the risk of lung cancer if taken regularly.

  • Nervous system

By regularly smoking marijuana, the brain releases more dopamine. It may make you feel pleasant for a short period of time. Further, marijuana can also change the mental balance and coordination of the brain. Over intake of marijuana can lead to hallucinations, anxiety, and depression. People with schizophrenia should not intake marijuana.

Marijuana can cause many other problems in the body such as it may keep you tired for the whole day when the effects are over. It may also cause various sleep disorders such as insomnia and others. It also reduces the hunger and you may get the loss of appetite.

Effects Of Marijuana on Nervous system

Effects Of Marijuana on Nervous system

  • Digestive system

Smoking marijuana also affects the digestive system. It may give you burning feeling in the mouth and throat. Additionally, one may feel nausea and vomiting after taking marijuana. It also affects the liver and causes various stomach disorders such as stomach ache and acidity. It may also cause a sudden increase in the appetite.

Additionally, marijuana can also affect the immune system severely. It may increase the risk of illnesses in your body.


Smoking or ingestion of marijuana can be beneficial for the body only if taken in limited quantities. Overconsumption of marijuana can cause several health issues in the body. These are the various tests to detect the amount of marijuana in the bloodstream. Among all, urine test and hair tests are most commonly used methods in the world. Many countries have now removed the ban on marijuana because of its various medical advantages and purposes for humans.

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